I had trouble thinking of something I could write for this Tuesday’s transformation. It was a hectic weekend that did not insite relaxation or self care. It also left me looking around for something pithy to write about for this post.

Then it hit me, why not write about something small (in terms of size) that has changed dramatically for me. Something that maybe only I have noticed unless I call attention to it. I decided to talk about how my nails have changed.

That’s right, my fingernails and toenails have made a huge transformation since I started taking my supplements and I am now getting the nutrition I need.

For years now my nails had to be kept cut short. They were weak, they broke easily and the top layer would chip off. I could peel my nails like an onion. Growth was slow and laborious. They weren’t always like that. I remembered when I was a teenager being the envy of many a girlfriend because I had “killer” nails.

When I turned up as being anemic through some lab tests, I read that one of the symptoms can be (along with a desire to chew ice-which I did), was having peeling nails. I started taking a liquid iron supplement (having figured out that I don’t absorb the capsule type well), and low and behold the peeling (ice chewing, and forever being frozen cold) stopped.

While they weren’t flaking anymore, neither were they growing. I had resigned myself to having short nails for the rest of my life. Then I found the liquid daily vitamin I take (over two hundred healing herbs, not to mention all the vitamins and minerals you need). Reading the back of the bottle will take you a good bit, it’s that involved, and it’s that amazing.

My nails are growing so fast I can’t keep up with them (unless I break them doing things like I did my first and middle fingers as you can see-I’m hard on my hands). I have to cut and file them down every couple of weeks. And if my girlfriends thought I had killer nails before, they weren’t even close. My nails are so strong now that clippers have a hard time cutting them.

And will I complain about that? Nope, not at all. It means my body is coming back from all the damage those steroids caused. My body is doing what it was made to do, function optimally and heal itself. These are amazing biomechanical machines that we get to ride around it. Nail growth on the outside, is just a sign that what’s happening on the inside. And that is a very good thing indeed.