I am finished with week three of my cleanse-detox-metabolic reset, Jillian’s Dietbet, and ending month four since I began my journey to my ideal self. It’s been a heck of a ride so far.

In February I was introduced to a company that has the most amazing supplements, and the response of my body was amazing and unexpected (I’ve done herbal and nutritional supplements for years, even making my own) but sometimes it felt like I was just treading water and I actually was.


Then in May I decided to join Jillian Michael’s Dietbet (and I highly recommend doing it for the support and motivation), and while on her Dietbet, the company with the supplements announced their cleanse-detox-metabolic reset program (7 day or 28 day-I’m doing 28). And both of those are winding down.

Jillian’s Dietbet ends today and I’m proud to say I won! I bet $35 dollars that I would lose 4% of my body weight. My initial weigh in was 196.8 and I needed to get to 188. I got down to 186! That’s 10.6 pounds! And that means from February to the end of June I’ve lost 13.8 pounds ( I was 200 in Feb). And that is while I am lifting weights and doing cardio with Jillian’s exercise programs. I was nervous along the way. I would weigh myself everyday and sometimes I would be heavier by a couple of pounds and then the next day it would be back down. And whenever it came to weight in day on Jillian’s website, I would lose at least two more pounds. As women, it is a good reminder that the scales for us fluctuate quit a bit due to hormones and water retention. Still despite that I made it!

The cleans-detox-metabolic reset program has been an interesting journey for me. In some ways it has me eating more food than I usually do (I usually do intermittent fasting-more on that in another blog post). But it has also helped me with portion control. And the supplements and shakes are as always wonderful. So adding healthy food choices, and portion control really has helped with winning the Dietbet and helping me on my path.

And that means a steady slow progression towards my ultimate goal, looking hot in a bikini. Well, my ultimate goal is to be stronger, to have my body do more than it has ever done before…and look good in a bikini.

Jillian’s Dietbet was a great way to get support online and keep myself accountable. Seeing my progression only makes me more excited to keep on going. The cleanse-detox-metabolic reset has been great for my body to get a reboot and that too will only keep me on my path to my ideal self.