My third month of taking supplements and 30 minutes of exercise (I got to week eleven of a twelve week program) was somewhat derailed by an injured wrist. Despite being stuck with doing cardio that didn’t aggravate my wrist, I still made improvements.

I accredit my body’s ability to heal itself more quickly to my twice daily dose of sulfur (more on that later) which lessens inflammation and helps the body heal itself. So, I only missed five days in total before I could start doing floor exercises – including plank – again.

I found that not only can I do plank, but I can now do some one-armed plank exercises like plank with tricep extensions and plank punches. I can even do push ups in plank rather than on my knees. I won’t say I do them properly, I can’t quite bend my arms all the way down (and I can’t do that many) but I can do a few.

But the real breakthrough came one day during cool down: I can sit cross-legged.

I have never sat cross legged on the floor well, not even as a child. My floor posture being a contortionists nightmare of sitting with my legs at angles to my hips making me look a “W”, with my body being the middle point of the “W.” This was the most comfortable floor posture for me mainly due to my previously malformed hip joints. Which, of course, meant my muscles were not prepared to bend the other way.

But during one post-workout cooldown, Jillian had us sit on the floor cross-legged. Without thinking I found myself doing just that! I was so excited I cried. For me that is so amazing.

It was a hurdle I had only dreamed of – literally. The night before my first hip surgery I dreamt I was sitting cross legged on the floor. At the time it seemed as impossible as jumping to the moon.

Well, dreams do come true. And now my dream includes me losing all this weight, and, not only getting stronger, but becoming athletic. This was something I never thought would be possible, but now seems within reach. I can – I will be as fit as those athletes that are on my video behind Jillian. I will be as physically fit and athletic as I can be. That’s my goal now. I want to push myself, see what my new horizons are. I want to see how far I can go, now that I see how far I’ve come.

To push myself, I am entering a DietBet at the end of this month. I’ve bought a scale and I’m betting money (part of the contest) that I will lose 4% of my current body weight in thirty days. So keep reading, I’ll keep writing about my journey, and my new endeavor. Thank you for sharing it with me!