My almost daily asskicking came in the mail.  My husband had ordered it because he “needed a trainer with solid motivation.”  Soon,  Jillian Michaels was yelling in our house and soon enough, she was kicking my ass, too.

“Body Revolution” is a twelve week program, six days a week, a mix of weight training and cardio. And one of the things I like about it is that it balances the body, exercises are designed to not let the dominant hand continue to outperform the weaker side. Each set is designed to build on what you did the weeks before and to get exponentially harder. And it’s worth it.

My husband (being male) dropped weight with it immediately (I’ll write soon on why women get the short end of the stick on exercise and weight loss) and he did it without even changing his diet much. Of course I had to try it after he finished it. At that time I was still hopelessly overweight, a congenital birth defect in my hip joints made it hard to move , and an incompetent doctor keeping me on steroids for years instead of months – I was weak and in serious pain.

But I showed up and tried – which, thankfully, is all she demanded. I couldn’t do half the exercises and the ones I could do, half of those I had to use the easier. modified versions. If I couldn’t do an exercise, because of weakness and pain, I made my own adaptations.  I persevered and finished out the twelve weeks.

It was shortly thereafter my hips worsened.  My new doctor sent me to physical therapy for bursitis.  Once repaired, the pain migrated to the inside of my thighs.  At this point my medical team discovered the joint deformity and the steroidal degeneration of my hips. No amount of physical therapy or exercise could fix that – only hip replacement surgery.

The surgeon left it to me when to get the surgery – it was a quality of life issue, he said. He would do the surgery when I was ready.

I was scared of getting my bones sawed.  I procrastinated until I could barely walk. (Pro Tip: Do not wait!)  I finally sucked up the courage and scheduled the operation.

Turns out, there was nothing to fear from the procedure.  My surgeon was amazing. I was up and on my feet on the same day and out of hospital in two days. I was back to work in three weeks – walking with the assistance of a cane. The second surgery almost a year to the day, went just as smoothly and I had the same fantastic results in recovery.

Post-op physical therapy lasted for months, and at the end they told me I was on my own to strengthen and train my muscles. With my doctor’s blessing, I went back to Jillian’s Body Revolution.  But even with new hips, I still wasn’t obtaining the changes I needed.

Join me next for how I finally got even more out of my workouts with Jillian and how I’m getting faster and better results.

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