This transformation is hard for me to write, because I feel as though I didn’t really transform this go around. I had a kind of life crisis and then I caught the flu. Exercise was not possible with an upper respiratory infection.

That sucked, big time. My ass whooping bouts with Jillian are my new habit. It also meant my other new developing habits, adventures, blogging, and Nia also went by the wayside.

When you’re sick, or injured, you have to give yourself, and your body the permission and space to heal and heal completely. That can be hard. Especially after I had been so disabled for so long like I was and now I have a new lease on life getting stronger, pushing my physical boundaries, to have to stop what I was doing and be still again.

Though this was stillness with a purpose. The purpose of giving my body the chance to do what it was designed to do, heal itself to maintain its functioning biome. I am reminded how amazing this biomechanical machine that we interface with the world is, every day.

I will say that with the new supplements I didn’t get as sick as I would have. It used to be that three days of the flu would automatically lead to three weeks of bronchitis with two weeks of coughing and hoarseness before it would finally be gone. Not this time. The fever broke in a day instead of two, and I had only a runny nose, fatigue and a slightly sore throat due to the runny nose. It lasted about two weeks all together.

And now that I have fully functioning hips, and I have been feeding my body herbs, minerals, vitamins with my new supplements and shakes, I now know I was not helping my body reach the full potential of what it can do. And I am just beginning to scratch the surface of that potential. That includes being still and letting it heal while supporting it from the inside.