So, in January I was, as you know, horribly overweight, and depressed due to my dad’s death. I wasn’t over eating, in fact I often skipped meals during the day to keep my weight under control. I walked while at work and I tried to exercise – but my stamina sucked and I’d get out of breath easy due to asthma. Also, when I did exercise I wasn’t seeing very much in the way of results. That only added to my depression and frustration. It also made my desire to exercise go the way of the dodo. I mean, who wants to put in all that sweat only to get lackluster results? And if my metabolism had been going any slower it would have been going backwards!

Now its February and my in-laws called saying they had opportunity they wanted to share with my husband and I. We figured it was bogus and we both agreed to listen politely and then tell them, “Hell no.” Well, much more politely than that.

I admit, we’re a pretty cynical household with bullsh!t meters set to 11. But we heard the (sometimes rambling) explanation from my in-laws and when I looked at the ingredients lists I was blown away. I have been supplementing for years and I was into herbal medicines (I used to make my own tinctures, capsules and teas). I even looked into attending college at the Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic (but I couldn’t take on more debt at the time-no matter my interest and talents). And here they were in a multitude of products all designed to compliment each other and the human body – and whole-plant based. They were scientifically tested, proven to be digestible by the human digestive system, and the kicker…these products are in the book no doctor, or pharmacist, goes without: the Physician’s Desk Reference (PDR), essentially a third-party insuring the product is what it says it is. That’s huge.

The FDA doesn’t regulate supplements. You really don’t know what you’re getting in the bottles you get. You could be getting the amounts of the herb and its property in the amounts the bottle says, or you could be getting nothing of the sort. That goes for vitamins, too. But I always figured it was better to take the chance and supplement for my health than not do anything at all. But being in the PDR means that these have to, bottle to bottle, be exactly what they say, and in the amounts they say as a doctor has to know if they can prescribe it to their patients safely with their other medications due to possible contraindications.

It was a risk, but it might be what I’ve been missing. My husband, trusting my judgement told his parents OK. And thus began my journey into a new, and better me. I’ll keep you posted how my journey has transpired in future posts. I thank you for walking with me on my path and I hope to be a source of encouragement and inspiration.

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