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Remembering My Father on Memorial Day

I wanted to write about my dad today because he was a vet – served 30 years in the Air Force – and today is Memorial Day. I have been privileged to be surrounded by amazing, supportive men. But the jewel in that crown will always be my dad.

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I’m Stronger Than I Thought

My third month of taking supplements and 30 minutes of exercise (I got to week eleven of a twelve week program) was somewhat derailed by an injured wrist. Despite being stuck with doing cardio that didn’t aggravate my wrist, I still made improvements.

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Saying Goodbye to Fast Food

One of the many surprises I’ve had on my journey to being my ideal me has been how my body reacts to junk food. Ever since I started cleansing my body, balancing with my super fruits and building it with a high quality liquid vitamin my taste buds have changed.

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