One of the many surprises I’ve had on my journey to being my ideal me has been how my body reacts to junk food.  Ever since I started cleansing my body, balancing with my super fruits and building it with a high quality liquid vitamin my taste buds have changed.

It wasn’t unexpected. When you clean out built up toxins from your pathways of elimination (skin, lungs, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, the blood and the colon) you’re going to have changes in how things taste.  Add in proper nutrition, in the form of vitamins and herbs, what your body craves is also going to change. Which is what happened to me. nd so it did for me. I found that food I thought tasted good, no longer tastes good at all, while other things I was “meh” about are really tasty now.

I also don’t have those unfathomable cravings anymore.  The craving that you can’t name which has you eating this thing and that but never finding the one thing that you really wanted.  The only thing I “crave” now is my chocolate or vanilla matcha shake for lunch, and that’s not so much a craving as anticipation of something really enjoyable.

I also find I am not voraciously hungry all the time.  Intermittent fasting is easy now. I even find I drink my shake late sometimes because I’m not hungry when 11 o’clock rolls around. The only time I’m really hungry is after after Jillian Michaels kicks my ass after work.

If all of this seems understandable, I’m sure you’re wondering what is the big shocker that has me writing this blog post?  The funny thing is it wasn’t just my taste buds that changed, but how my body reacts to fast food.

My husband and I first discovered this a few weeks after we agreed to change out health habits and taking quality supplements. We were out and about and decided to stop at one of our favorite local burger joints, MF Burger.  Later that night both my husband and I experienced stomach upset. The burgers we ate felt like they weren’t digesting. We reasoned that maybe it was because they dropped the quality of the burger meat while jacking up the price. Simple conclusion, we wouldn’t eat there again, because who wants to pay more for less (and an upset tummy!).

Fast forward to a visit to my Mom two months later.  She took us to lunch at her favorite burger place, In and Out.  We had eaten there before and the food was good for what it was. We got our burgers and fries and sat down to eat.

I noticed while biting into mine, that the burger wasn’t as tasty to me as the last time. But mom had paid and I didn’t want to waste it – so I ate it. Afterward, on the way back to Mom’s place I got terribly nauseous. I thought it was due to sitting in the back seat I haven’t gotten carsick in years and this was the worst I’d ever experienced. It just kept getting worse. We made it back to homebase — and the burger that went in, came right back out.

I felt instantly better. The purge and a cold cloth and I was well on my way to feeling normal again. I thought maybe it was just me, but my husband wasn’t feeling so hot either.

If you are planning on building up (or rebuilding) your body, balancing it with proper nutrition and supplements, then know that you too may find yourself not being able to eat or enjoy foods you used to. Considering most food is engineered with a mix of fats, salt, and sugar so as to trigger an addictive response, your body will be doing you a huge favor.  Trust me, I never want to see another cheap burger again!

As for me,  l love giving my body it’s voice. It and I are a team now, instead of just having me force feed it crap and it had to deal with it. I like this new close relationship that I have with the biomechanical machine I interface the world with. I may not be able to eat junk food but is that really such a bad thing? I don’t think so.

So, I’ll keep on cleansing, balancing, building my body with the nutrients it needs and say goodbye to fast food.